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Terra Wayne

In many ways, Terra is like you and me — a laid back casual kind of woman with a great sense of humor who loves her kids. She makes mistakes. She’s not perfect. She’s the girl next door.

Terra has honed her gifts from God since a kid. She has a natural calling to help people and breaking strongholds away from people's lives. These gifts are elusive but at the same time very real and powerful. She knows divinely that she is to use these gifts for the greater good in helping others.  Terra has been a natural healer, medium and intuitive all her life.


Trying to be normal and fit in, Terra struggled to balance how she appeared on the outside with who she really was on the inside, her true authentic self.As she grew older and the people she knew and trusted began receiving help and referring others, Terra built a clientele of individuals who sought her advice and guidance. She also began to work with businesses so they could grow and flourish.


Over the past 20 years Terra has helped thousands of people in many different ways, but her most effective techniques involve removing psychological blocks and illuminating the dark corners of our lives that prevent us from becoming the person we are truly meant to be. With her unique insight she gets to the heart of the matter with compassion, understanding and love. Terra refers to herself as Life Coach, but you might call her your Miracle.


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