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Clients Speak

"No matter where I am or what I'm doing, I always know when Terra is sending me energy. I have an immediate sense of peace and fulfillment from whatever emotional/mental wrangling around I had been doing before.

She has helped me to change my energy and, therefore, my life trajectory. She has helped me to let go of more and more of my emotional baggage in order to become more purely myself. This has enabled me to get back in touch with my dreams and passions and to believe in myself and feel hopeful about life. 

Terra is one of the most results-oriented energy workers I have ever experienced. Her results are immediate and lasting. She also gives me tools and techniques to help myself, and she expects me to use them. I always feel that Terra is focused on my best interests. She leaves her ego out of her business and does not view clients as recurring revenue streams. 

What I also appreciate about Terra is that she "eats her own cooking." Whatever work she is asking me to do, I know she has already done herself. She has helped me, my family and friends in miraculous ways far beyond what I could have imagined and certainly far beyond what she was paid for. Terra is one of the most charitable spirits I have ever met for whom I am eternally grateful and will always count as my friend. 

I recommend Terra for anyone who needs help of any kind, urgent or not. If you are looking for energy work characterized by integrity and love that can align with your spiritual belief system, this is your person. Just a warning, however. You better be ready to believe in miracles!"



Charlotte, North Carolina 


“NEVER underestimate the power of Terra”. Almost two years ago Terra came into my life and with her guidance, powerful energy and insight, changed my life forever. First, there was an extremely big transformation in my business, then the transformation and healing began in my personal life.


Terra tapped into things in both my business and personal life that I of course was aware of, but had never articulated to anyone else.  Her energy work helped to put my business back on track and she turned things around quickly.  She helped me to identify what was standing in the way of profitability and shifted the negative energy out.  My business is cyclical and, much to everyone’s surprise, I was profitable in months that no one makes money.  Today, customers walking into my store tell me they feel as if someone has given them a BIG HUG.


On the personal side, my relationship of 17+ years was headed for disaster. My spouse and I were growing apart, due to a manipulative, controlling, maniacal ‘friend' of ours. This friend did all they could to drive a wedge in our relationship. It reached the point, where I had one foot out the door. My spouse and I knew we needed counseling if our relationship was to continue, but weren’t sure where to turn. Since Terra was helping with our business, perhaps she could do the same for us personally. She did.


If not for Terra, I’m not sure where I would be living today or what I would be doing to make a living.


As I first stated “NEVER underestimate the power of Terra”


Nancy S.
Cary, North Carolina

  " . . . My two hours with Terra changed my life in many ways. I have visited my share of mediums/psychics throughout my lifetime. My time with Terra was the most different and profound I had ever experienced. She did not provide "general" information, but very specific details and guidance. Terra, did not know me. We were connected through a mutual friend and at that time I was in dire need of help on many levels. It was by coincidence that I met Terra while I was out one night and evidently my aura was so overwhelming to her it made Terra ill. She welcomed me into her home one night. I'd describe myself as a spiritual skeptic. I believe in a higher power and I do believe we have others looking out for us, but I'm not always certain I believe in everyone who claims to have the ability to connect to the "other side." I know now that Terra does.


Terra knew very intimate, very private things that no one else knew or could know. She provided me with guidance as to handle my situations. Terra genuinely cared about my family’s wellbeing. I gave all the information that Terra shared with me to my husband when I returned home that night. My husband is not a believer in any way, shape or form. In fact, he is a complete skeptic. He could not deny what Terra had said and was convinced enough of Terra's ability to follow through with a suggestion Terra had made. Terra taught me a great deal that evening that forever changed my perception of spirit. Terra continues to check-in with my family even though she does not have to. She is a gift and pure light and I will forever be grateful to know her.


It is with a great deal of pleasure that I have a person that I trust and can recommend to others for help if they ever need it. . ."


Amy C.


  " . . . Words cannot fully express my unending gratitude for Terra and her God-given gifts! From my son's injuries/surgeries, my marriage, my daughter's anxiety, oh, and my sisters' difficulties, Terra has cleared, healed and sent extraordinarily perfect energy. She speaks truth and encourages others to embrace their truth. I have learned more about myself, personally, in the last year and a half — crazy, but literally uncovered decades of buried truths that I had blocked for fear of facing. I am free of those burdens now and my soul soars.

As for her healing abilities, you wouldn't understand unless you personally witnessed. Truly remarkable. My son can attest having experienced Terra's healing hands first hand, her gifts are immeasurable. Terra is a Godsend in every sense of the word."


Catherine H.

Charlotte, North Carolina


   ". . . In March of 2011, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. During the course of my chemotherapy treatment, I developed Shingles on the left side of my face and neck. As a result of the Shingles, I then developed Post herpetic neuralgia, an extremely painful nerve condition. I looked to alternative therapies to help me cope with the pain.


Luckily, my wife knew Terra and she agreed to work with me. She worked wonders through her expertise and compassion. My pain was greatly decreased and I had increased energy to get through each day. It has been a little over a year since my cancer went into remission and now I find myself in a much healthier place. I owe a great deal of this to Terra. She performed excellent therapy on my behalf. . .  "


Paul D.

Raleigh, NC

" . . .   Terra has amazing talent and is highly gifted. I met Terra in 2010 while going through a really nasty divorce. After 20 years of marriage my world was upside down. Terra’s work is amazing the minute you meet her you will feel her positive energy radiating from her. Terra is very professional and her abilities exceeds anyone else I have ever met or worked with. After my first session with her my life begin to change for the better and everything was much clearer. She would even text me to check in on me days after our session just to make sure I was ok and was doing my homework. She was genuinely concerned and wanted me to get better. Her warmth, compassion and understanding touched my life in many ways. . . . . "

Teresa G.

Richmond, VA

" . . .   Terra Wayne is a gifted and compassionate healer. Her energy healing sessions are gentle yet very powerful. You may not only experience miraculous healing results, but in addition an awakening of many spiritual gifts available to everyone. I would encourage you to contact Terra for a healing session or a spiritual consultation. A more peaceful existence awaits. . . . . "


Cindy K.

Kimberly, WI

" . . .   Terra is a gifted person I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I use Terra’s services monthly for my business for the past three years. Terra’s talents are unbelievable and even unimaginable at times. Often she leaves our team with our mouth wide open at the ideas and plans she comes up with for us to incorporate.


Terra is by far the most creative person we have ever met. She has one of the fastest business acumen I have ever seen. She knocks it out of the ball park every time. She truly does see the bigger picture. . . . . "


Brian S.,


" . . .  I went to see Terra because I had been bottling up a lot of things from my past.  Terra helped me to clear out of my hatred and harsh feelings that I was still holding in from years ago.  After the clearing, I felt so much better and no longer held onto those emotions.  I no longer felt like I wasn't worthy and realized that I could move on with my life.  She was also able to send me energy when she knew I needed it.   My self-esteem had gotten so much better all because of Terra. 


Terra has also helped me physically.  I used to have very bad stomach pains and I was very uncomfortable on a daily basis.  Terra gave me her heat and helped heal my problems.  She also talked to me about a future health concern that would hinder me having children.  I took her advice and went to see my doctor.  I no longer have these health concerns anymore.


Lastly, Terra has helped my family by clearing out any bad spirits in my home.  She cleansed my house and made me feel safe and comfortable in my own home.  


If you need help physically, emotionally, or spiritually, you need to see Terra.  She is a life changer !!. . . . . "


Madonna F.

Raleigh, NC

" . . .  Terra is a highly talented individual who is attuned to and has the unique ability to read energy.  She has a strong desire to help other people extending herself generously for them. 


 After learning that Terra communicated with dead people, I asked her about my son, Robert, who died many years ago.  She communicated with him immediately following my request.  During the process she included details about family members I had not previously divulged to her.  Very private details that not even my friends knew.  One of her observations was that although Robert had visited his brother in the past, his brother was very busy, therefore, Robert did not spend a great deal of time at his home.  My other son is extremely busy but Terra did not know anything about him or the speed of his life. She gave very intimate detailed account of events about both of my children's life. 


 I also asked her about my step daughter who died in an automobile accident.  Terra communicated with her and requested I give my husband a message involving family matters she had no way of knowing anything about. She described her personality and even described the accident that Terra had no prior knowledge of. At the time, Terra and I had just met and she had very little information about me or my family members.


Terra is very pleasant to work with as well as having a very gentle, giving and compassionate heart. . . . . . "

Kathy R. MS, LPC, CCM 

Cary, NC

" . . . I don't often give testimonials, but what Terra has done for me, I believe has changed my life!  When I first went to see her, I was seeking a house "blessing" or cleansing. I had the constant feeling that there was a negative energy in my home from a former relationship my husband had (long before we were married).  After an hour with Terra, I realized it was me that was keeping the negative energy here.  Not only in my house but with me all the time due to my own obsessive thoughts about this person. After walking me through what was really happening, she assigned me some "homework" and gave me a hug!


I did the homework and I can tell you that I am honestly a different person.  I am lighter and happier than ever and I owe it to Terra.  I would never have believed it would be so simple, as I'd actually seen a counselor for some time about the same issue.


No doubt I have been back to Terra, and will be back again and again...I consider her my enlightenment "coach" and I believe I'll get where I need to be with her guidance.  Oh, and the way she picked up on my brother (who had passed) was spot on.  She is awesome.  I think of her as a friend as well as a coach and I am deeply grateful for all that she does!. . . . . . "


 Lisa B.

Raleigh, NC




". . . Terra is an amazing life coach and has helped me through a few struggles this past year.   I was having trouble with understanding why I had multiple miscarriages and how to cope with the pain when I met Terra.   I was an emotional mess when I first came to Terra for help.   Terra was able to help me cope with my miscarriages, tell me the sex of the babies, and take my negative energy by doing energy work with me.  When Terra gave me heat, I had never experienced anything like it in my life.  She was able to pull all my bad energy out and help me to move on from my miscarriages.  Within one day of a session with Terra, I already felt more positive and better about the sadness I felt from my miscarriages.  Throughout that week that I met Terra, she contacted me several times to check in on me.  I was impressed with how much she actually cared about me and helping me to become better.  I honestly can say that she has helped me moved on with my miscarriages and stay positive. 


In addition, Terra helped me through a time when my grandfather was in the hospital.  Terra was able to tell me when he would be having surgery before I was even told by my family members.  Terra would send him energy in the hospital and knew that he had back pain before he had his stroke, which I did not know.  My grandmother told me he was complaining of it before his stroke.   Terra knew many things before they actually happened with my grandfather and I was amazed at all the details that she knew about him when she had never met him.  Sadly, my grandfather ended up passing away and Terra was able to help me through the grieving of his death.  Terra knew things about my grandfather that no one else would have known.  She would text me during this sad time to make sure that my grandmother and I were okay during this awful time.  Terra was able to talk to my grandfather after his death and relay messages to me for my grandmother.  My grandmother was stressing out about my grandfathers suit for his wake.  Terra did not know any of this information and told me to tell my grandmother that he loved the suit with the pinstripes that he wore.  We could not believe that Terra knew about the suit. 


Also, Terra was able to tell my grandmother messages that my grandfather wanted to tell her after his passing.  There were so many details that she would have never know about my family and she was dead on with so many things.  My grandmother and grandfather were soul mates and Terra helped my grandmother with coping when she visited from Chicago. 

Terra has been a blessing in my life and is always willing to help me with struggles in my life.  She has truly changed my spiritual outlook on life and amazes me each time I am able to talk with her.  Terra is very easy to talk to and has become a friend to me through working with her.  You need to see Terra if you need help with grieving, coping with struggles, have negative energy to get rid of, or to talk to someone who passed away.  Terra will truly change your life and will astound you! . . ."


Martha E.






. . .  "  Both of my children are professional actors. They are constantly being "exposed” to a world where people and their energies leave them drained and vulnerable. When they experience that "low" before or after an audition they quickly text Terra and within hours they are feeling fully restored. It's so noticeable I call it a double shot of expresso! When the kids are on set, it is so important that they are able to connect with the other actors. The directors look for that "magic" or connection of energy between the cast members. Sometimes it's difficult to mesh energies with strangers . Its kinda like pouring oil into vinegar it just seperates. That's where Terra comes in she "shakes up that energy " allowing the mix of energies to flow and move about freely. Shaking off any negative energy and creating a harmonious mix of energies on set. Allowing for standout performances between strangers.


Although the kids refer to Terra as their Spiritual Bodyguard. It's a much more respected relationship. I guess “Spiritual Bodyguard" is how they feel she protects them from being drained and is able to restore their energy. It's so much more than I could ever explain.

That feeling they get when she's working is amazing. From NY to LA they know she's got them covered and protected .They no longer worry about chasing their dreams, their dreams chase them! . . . "


Mariah L.,











. . "  Terra is a distinctly beautiful, one of a kind individual who truly has embraced all that she was created to be. By her fulfilling her calling to live as her genuine self, she has truthfully inspired me to do the same for my life. Though my interactions with her have been few and brief, she has already brought forth direction, clarity, healing and success within my life through her vitality.  


Her larger than life personality gives her the ability to reach me where I am, and put things into a perspective that speaks truth and clarity into my life and situations. Her encouraging words, and spunky humor help to keep things real and allow me to relate to her as a friend wanting to help me live to my full potential.

One phone call from her gives me enough energy to plow through life in confidence, knowing that I was created for more than my past has tried to keep me a part of. I would recommend her to anyone that is truly seeking to live the life they feel they were created to live. .."



Melinda C. 

Raleigh, NC 

Wonder and awe. Terra will never cease to amaze me! The gift that she is to this world extends past understanding. I am living proof that she teams up with God to speed miracles along — both in me and in my marriage. Aside from my extremely painful personal journey, walking through the fire to get to the other side, Terra showed me just what my marriage could and should look like. I didn't have the eyes to see, but of course she saw it. In fact, she saw it years in advance. However, it was in 2018, on my knees asking God to perform a miracle, that Terra started a series of clearings with me. Between my deep-rooted faith and my trust in Terra, things started to shift. At first, it was the baby steps that amazed me. Knowing who I was and starting to see who I was becoming was incredible. Then the steps graduated into monumental ones. Unfathomable to me, and my husband, in all honesty. I have said many times, and will continue to say, "Who is this person? Good gracious, I love her!" 


A beautiful relationship is building. My heart is expanding. And I can feel the love deep inside my soul for my husband — for the first time in my life! Terra unlocked the door to the life that God always intended for me to have. It truly is a miracle. And that, my friends, is Terra.


Madison B. 

Charlotte, NC 

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