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Energy Healing Work

Life can be difficult. It can be painful and confusing. We feel completely defeated at times. We don’t know where to turn. We wonder if there’s anyone who would truly understand or even care. It might be a relationship that isn’t working, maybe you’re in love but you’re hurting. Or you’re at a crossroads in your job or career and need advice. You might be suffering from an illness and have been praying for answers or even a cure.


You’re here now so somehow you’ve been guided to Terra’s website. She might be the answer you’ve been looking for. If you’re ready to let go and release the hurt and pain Terra would like to help. She’s divinely gifted and able to see the truth of your personal situation. She knows and understands what you’re going through. Terra can lift the veil of pain and confusion, laying out a path to resolve your problems no matter how big or how small. You can live your life free from hurt, anxiety, illness and pain.


You will see immediate results from your first Energy Healing session. A feeling of being light and happy will embrace you. You will have answers and concrete tools moving forward so that your path is clear and you’re on your way to healing the hurt. All that has been holding you back will be released and you will start to thrive. You’ll be at peace with hope and direction for the future. Terra’s healing touch and guidance will help you live a happy, pain free and more authentic life.


Terra’s power to know, to understand, to guide and to heal is divinely given. There are no rituals, no cards or props, just the love and compassion that comes from God which includes the powerful heat that emanates from her hands and body. These are her tools. Her Energy Healing sessions will be like nothing you have ever experienced. There will be a spiritual awakening, a healing of mind, body and spirit returning you to your soul essence. Your life will be forever changed. You will begin to live as God intended.


Please send Terra a request for energy healing session. 

In person only. Contact for more information and prices.


Session with client. She had been in a wheelchair for a year and a half. After about 30 minutes the color came back to her face and she was able to make a fist with her left hand. She walked in the bathroom without her walker. Her session was 3 hours long. As she was leaving she got up out of her wheelchair  and walked out. She was able to walk for the first time in a year and half. She was to continue her physical therapy with her doctors.

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