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It’s all about ME. And it’s about time. Come journey with us into a perfectly selfish space to focus on the one who constantly focuses on everybody else.

Founded in faith, these consulting services and series of interactive workshops (scheduling for 2019) will connect Mindset + Energy with a balanced, healthy lifestyle to achieve complete restoration. Something we want, need and yes, we deserve!

*Disclaimer: "series," as in The ME series, is referred to a number of events coming one after the other in succession.


Energy Healing services in The ME Series™

For Nutritional Consulting Services in The ME Series™, click here.

​Terra Wayne, Life Coach with a Twist

Terra Wayne has over 20 years of life coaching experience and success working with Fortune 500 companies, CEOs and top sales executives around the globe. Her wisdom and insight into the principles of professional and personal success has benefited thousands and now it is available to you!


Begin your journey to prosperity, fulfillment and happiness as Terra guides you through her tried-and-true methods for achieving your goals. In this intimate session including coursework and materials, Terra will help you realize your own unique dreams and ambitions. Let Terra tailor and personalize her techniques to your needs. With her unique approach, Terra will help you achieve your goals with compassion, understanding and love.

Catherine Horgan, Lifestyler

It's who she is and what she does. There's no other title that defines her more accurately. Catherine has been a wardrobe stylist for almost half her life ... and a health enthusiast for half of that. She is inside out living — and the very first wardrobe stylist to bring healthy living, as self expression, into the fold.


Having tried just about every healthy lifestyle (Vegan, Mediterranean, Paleo) Catherine landed on her very own. And she's never been more at peace. Her concept is next level, which is why she has coached hundreds on how to obtain the happy balance they seek.


Catherine inspires you to be more, motivates you into healthy routines and helps you design a beautiful lifestyle worth every ounce of effort. 

Make the decision today to transform your life!

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