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What kind of Life Coaching will I receive?

You can receive advice on any or all aspects of your life. To prepare in advance you may want to make a list of the issues you want to discuss, or that are most important at this point in your life. Be open and honest, as you will not be judged. When Terra is in session with a client she shuts down all personal beliefs and thoughts.


Can Terra help me with relationships?

Yes, she is very good at understanding the dynamics going on in a relationship. She can certainly help you have more of a satisfying relationship with your spouse, your partner, family, and or friends.


Can Terra heal an illness with Energy?

Terra has been successful in treating people suffering from a number of different illnesses and physical conditions.  She cannot guarantee results nor does she recommend that anyone stop seeing or taking the advice of their doctor or medical professionals.


Why should I trust Terra with my problems?

If trust is an issue for you then you may not be ready to schedule a session just now. This must be a collaboration, since Terra cannot accomplish anything alone. This involves your life and your results.


Can Terra predict the future?

Information about the future does come in, but this cannot be controlled. It either appears before her or it doesn’t. She will not try to guess or make predictions if the information just isn’t there.


How does Terra get her insight?

This is all a gift from God. There is no other explanation for her abilities. She trusts the information when it comes because she is able to connect directly to your energy. She will then relay the information to you truthfully.   


Can Terra make contact with the spirits of deceased loved ones?

The spirits of deceased individuals make contact spontaneously. She has no control over this. They either come in with their messages, or they don’t. And she cannot control who comes in and who doesn’t. If the deceased person’s soul wants to communicate with your soul, and if you’re in session with Terra, they may make contact through her.


How do I know if I need to see Terra?

If you are feeling unsettled in your life, If things are just not working out for you and you’re not sure why it might be a good time to schedule an appointment. If you are unhappy and feel a dark cloud has been hovering over you for too long now, a session might be in order. If you’ve been ill and want answers and possibly more, it certainly can’t hurt to schedule some time with Terra. If you are in a state of confusion or at a crossroads in your life, by all means contact Terra.


How can I tell if I need a Clearing session?

Terra can figure this out. She will be able to tell if something is blocking you, your happiness, your success, your peace of mind or anything else. If she senses that you need a Clearing session she will let you know. But you must be ready first to let go of whatever it is. Terra can help you.



Will I need to see Terra more than once?

You may need to see Terra more than once, as this is a process. Between sessions you will be given homework to complete. How fast you progress is determined by your readiness, your commitment and dedication to the homework.


Can Terra help me with grief and depression?

Terra can help you in this regard. She can help you process your grief and heal your depression. She can sometimes even do more. At the same time she will encourage you to see your doctor and/or therapist and continue to do what they recommend.


Can Terra give me advice about my job?

Terra is excellent in helping people at a crossroads in their career or if having issues at work. She can help you see things in a totally new light, give you the tools to solve the problem and the courage to use them.


I can’t decide between school and work, can Terra help?

Terra can definitely help you make this critical decision. She will be able to see both paths before you and lay out your options like you have never considered them before and you will have a very clear path to follow.


Can Terra help me feel better about myself?

Terra can absolutely help you gain your self-confidence and self-esteem. You are more than likely not living as your “true” self and when people deviate from who they really are at the soul level, they don’t feel authentic and therefore don’t feel good about themselves. Terra will help you discover the “real” you, the person you were always meant to me and help you live as your authentic self and have all the confidence in the world.


Will I receive advice on my children?

Terra will definitely guide you with your children. She will understand and know each of them individually and “see” their interactions with you. She can be a great deal of help in this regard. You and your children will benefit.


What if I become too dependent on Terra?

Terra fosters independence so she won’t let this happen. You will become empowered within yourself as a result of your sessions with her. You will have more clarity emotionally and cognitively. This will not become a codependent relationship by any means.


My life has been a series of tragedies. Can I ever be happy?

Yes you certainly can be happy and you deserve to be. Terra can help you break the cycle of hurt, disappointment, loss and devastation. If you are ready, Terra can help you turn it all around and you will be happy and look forward to the happy and fulfilling life ahead of you.




I am unattractive and can’t find love, is there help for me?

Terra can absolutely help you, starting with your self-image. If you are sad, lonely and unhappy of course you appear unattractive. Once you become your true authentic self, the person that God created and start living the life that was meant for you, of course you will attract love. It will be all around you and in abundance.


My divorce was devastating. Can Terra help me get over him/her and it?

Your divorce is your chance at a new beginning. There is no better way to start on this journey than by letting Terra guide you. You can certainly get over him/her and you’re your divorce behind you. Terra will definitely be able to help but only if you’re ready. So are you ready now for happiness?


Will Terra help me find my soul mate?

Once you begin living as your true authentic self you will attract your true authentic soul mate. If you are trying to be someone you are not, and you may not even know it, you cannot attract your true soul mate. Yes Terra can help you get on the path that will lead to your soul mate.


Can Terra help me get rid of my anger and resentment?

Terra can certainly help you get rid of all this negativity, but only if you’re ready. When you are ready to truly let go, then by all means contact Terra and let her lead you into a life free from the pain of the past.


Can Terra help break the cycle of bad luck I’ve been experiencing?

Terra can certainly help you break this cycle. Once you’re ready to begin flourishing again, Terra can help you pave the way.


How will I know if Terra is right about me?

You will have no doubt about the truth of what Terra is telling you. It will resonate within your soul and you will understand that Terra only conveys what she receives from God and the truth is omnipresent. You will know.


Can everything be overcome and life go on as normal?

Yes all hurts, all disappointment and pain can be overcome and life will go on. If you’ve experienced a devastating loss it’s not easy, and you will never forget, but you do have a purpose here and will go on to fulfill that purpose. Terra can certainly help you get your bearings again and get you on the road to recovery and more.


What if I have to choose her way or my way?

You will ultimately have to choose, but if you’re seeing Terra then you must admit that on some level your way hasn’t been working. So unless you’re ready to invite in new ways of thinking, feeling and acting, you may not be ready to see Terra.


Can Terra give me the courage to do what’s right?

Terra can definitely lead you to your true authentic self, the one with courage and conviction who knows the difference between right and wrong. She can definitely open these channels, giving you the courage to do what you know you should. No client is ever left without the tools to live an authentic life.


I’ve been a failure all my life. Can Terra change that?

Terra can help you discover the truth of your existence and find how best to use your God given talents to live a happier, more productive and ultimately successful life in all aspects. Terra can help relieve the burdens you have been carrying around with you for a very long time.


Can Terra help me get over the hurt and betrayal from my relationships

Yes Terra can definitely help you get over the hurt, deceit and betrayal you’ve experienced. Have you ever heard the expression “Living well is the best revenge”? Terra can certainly put you on the path to live your best life and leave the past behind.


I’m cheating on my husband/wife with no guilt. Can Terra help me a better person?

Terra will help you discover the person you truly are. The warm, loving, honest individual that God created is under there somewhere. She can help you shed the destructive behaviors you’ve been using as a crutch and get on with the life you were truly meant to live, one of honesty and integrity. This can happen when you’re ready.


I’m sick and tired and just want to escape. How can Terra help me?

She can help you leave all the negativity behind, whatever you are sick and tired of can be transformed into a life you can embrace with love and enthusiasm.  Terra can help you let go of all the emotional baggage and become the person you were meant to be.


I’ve been good, kind and generous all my life but I’m never happy, why?

If you truly want to find out and leave all the unhappiness behind Terra can definitely help. You may not know how to be happy, or what will make you happy, but Terra can certainly lead you on a path of discovery and get you that happiness you so deserve.









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